Social Responsibility

Respecting our people and communities

Our Social Responsibility Policy

Build a safe, healthy and friendly work environment

Haitian International continues to pay attention to the health and safety, development and training of employees, establish a comprehensive employee compensation and benefits system, and provide diversified communication channels. At the same time, we always keep in mind to give back to the community and actively participate in various public welfare activities and charity events to promote sustainable development of the community. In addition to caring for the underprivileged, we have also taken action to support culture and sports in recent years to do our part for the community through feedback.

Development and Training

Health and Safety

Staff Care

Social Contributions

Social Contributions

We regard our employees as the most valuable assets of the Group. Adhering to “people-oriented” management philosophy, we are committed to creating a working environment of harmonious development, practicality, creativity, solidarity and progress. In addition, insisting on the values of “pragmatism, pioneer, innovation and persistence”, we gradually transform from “human-based system” into “institutionalized human-centric management”. In strict accordance with the Labour Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Labour Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, we have formulated the Employee Manual and other rules and regulations on employee benefits, career development, employee training, production safety, occupational health etc., to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees in an all-round manner.

We attach great importance to collaboration between labour and capital and advocate the freedom of association and the collective bargaining right of employees. The labour union signed a collective contract with the Chairman on behalf of whole employee to protect rights and interests of each employee.

Remuneration and Benefits

Remuneration and Benefits Policy

Sticking to the principle of “fairness and timely adjustment”, and in accordance with the regulations such as the Statement of Haitian International on Human Rights Policy and the Social Responsibility Management Manual, we are committed to the reasonable arrangement of the work-rest cycle for employees, and the provision of competitive salaries and benefits. Therefore, we offer competitive salaries to attract and retain employees internally, while collecting industrycompensation data in the labor market externally, to establish a fair, reasonable, and competitive compensation system.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

We have established an employee stock ownership plan, covering the mid-level and senior management and core technicians, in order to motivate and retain high-quality talents and core employees, and achieve a win-win situation in terms of employee accomplishments and corporate development.

Variable Compensation Based on Performance

To fully motivate working enthusiasm, and create a performance-driven reward system based on ability, performance, and dedication, We established a strong performance-based incentive pay framework, which covers all employees (including non-officer staff, management, senior management), and Board of Directors. The payment of variable compensation will be linked to the results of performance evaluation and the achievement of corporate goals, as follows:

For employees
We have developed a democratic and fair performance assessment system which covers all employees. The variable compensation is contained in all employees’ compensation and is linked with their performance assessment to fully motivate working enthusiasm. We, on an annual basis, calculate and distribute variable compensation to all employees based on our performance assessment plans. The assessment plans consist of several modules such as work capacity, work attitude, leadership and innovativeness, etc., and are tailored according to each function and level.

For management
In addition to individual performance, the variable compensation for management is linked to the organizational performance, as well as the value-added contribution made by the management to the company. This is done to increase the sense of responsibility of the management team, and to lay a solid foundation for the company’s long-term development.

For directors of board & senior management
We have issued remuneration policies to link renumeration of directors and senior management to their performance, while also taking into account factors such as workload, responsibilities, job complexity, company mission, and goals, etc.

In addition, we also linked sustainability performance, including environmental management and targets, with pay of CEO and other executives.

Non-Compensation Benefits

In terms of employee benefits, we offer a wide range of non-compensation benefits to all employees in accordance with the laws and regulations. All employees are entitled to statutory holidays, comprehensive pension and others benefits, such as five major social insurance programs and housing provident fund. In addition, we provide additional benefits to our employees, such as paid annual leave, working meals, working uniforms, shuttle buses, dormitories for single employees, affordable housing, public rental housing, monthly sanitation fee, financial aids from the labour union, regular health check-ups, etc. We also present gifts and benefits to our employees during traditional holidays, especially to those who stay on their posts during the holidays.

Development and Training

We highlight the cultivation and development of diversified talents and has established a scientific career development mechanism of employee skill training, job rotation development, competency assessment and fair promotion. We, based on job responsibilities of each post, have established a career development system providing a balanced and sustainable career development path and growth platform for our employees in different posts.


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Haitian Academy

Cooperated with Ningbo Polytechnic

Haitian Engineers Program

Cooperated with NingboTech University

Master of Engineering Program

Cooperated with Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Tongji University

“Cloud Classroom” online learning platform

Health and Safety

With the occupational health and safety of employees as our top priority, we have kept strict compliance with the Work Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases and other laws and regulations, and have formulated and adopted safety management related policies in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. We have also established an organizational structure for work safety management, under which management and employees at each level clearly understand their safety ranks and responsibilities and strictly perform their duties in compliance with relevant work safety policies.


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Obtained ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification Certificate

Staff Care

We maintain smooth communication and close contact with our employees. We have established various communication channels according to the Employee Complaint Management System to help employees solve practical difficulties in a timely manner. At the same time, we take care of our employees by enhancing their welfare and helping them to balance work and life.

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As of 31 December 2021, we provided nearly 5,500 units of welfare housing for our employees, including: employee apartments and public rental housing

Social Contributions

To make contributions to society, we set up Zhejiang Haitian Charity Foundation in 2013 and keep it operating ever since. The foundation makes donations and carries out public welfare projects every year to help vulnerable groups such as the poor, uneducated children, orphans, widows, the sick and the disabled, as well as employees in difficulty. Zhejiang Haitian Charity Foundation was rated as a “4A” Chinese social organization by Zhejiang Civil Affairs Bureau, strongly proving that we attach great importance to making contributions to society and we have achieved fruitful results in fulfilling social responsibilities.

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Zhejiang Haitian Charity Foundation established

Haitian Culture and Sports Centre opened, with a total donation of RMB 127.7 million

Haitian Charity Day

Staff Volunteer Activities

Endeavour Scholarships for Colleges and Universities

Help families and children in need

AAAA Chinese Social Organization

Excellent in Corporate Social Responsibilities in Ningbo

Sustainable Supply Chain

A stable and sustainable supply chain is the basis for the Group to provide quality products and services for our customers. To this end, we have not only formulated relevant management systems, including the New Supplier Entry Rules and the Supplier Evaluation and Assessment Methods, but also defined the responsibilities of internal procurement staff, in an effort to reduce supply chain risks. For processes outsourced to third party contractors which involve potential pollution to the environment, we request the contractors to obtain relevant license from the environmental protection bureau of the local government to ensure they are qualified to perform the relevant work.


We use high quality components produced by Haitian Group industries and selected international suppliers, using a high quality and flexible supply chain system, and assembly in Haitian International’s factories

Sustainable Supply Chain

A stable and sustainable supply chain is the basis for the Group to provide quality products and services for our customers. To this end, we have not only formulated relevant management systems, including the New Supplier Entry Rules and the Supplier Evaluation and Assessment Methods, but also defined the responsibilities of internal procurement staff, in an effort to reduce supply chain risks. For processes outsourced to third party contractors which involve potential pollution to the environment, we request the contractors to obtain relevant license from the environmental protection bureau of the local government to ensure they are qualified to perform the relevant work.

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Business Ethics and Anti-Fraud Policy

Strictly following the laws and regulations related to anti-corruption and business ethics, such as the Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People’s Republic of China, and the Anti-Money Laundering Law of the People’s Republic of China, Haitian International has set up a series of regulations to standardize the Group’s management mechanism. In addition, all employees, suppliers and partners are required to strictly abide by the integrity and ethical standards and work together for the Group’s sustainable development. In daily management, the Group incorporates business ethics matters (e.g., anti-corruption) into corporate risk management and takes it as the guidance to conduct business audits. All business sectors are audited by the Internal Control Department at least once every three years.

Each year, we audit targeted entities which are selected from every business sector through on-site or remote auditing. The process of selection is combined with random and risk-driven according to professional advices of senior auditors and approval of auditor leader. The annual audit work plan and resources are reviewed and agreed with the Audit Committee. Besides annual plan, ad-hoc projects and investigative work are conducted as may be needed.

Our audit scope covers risks identified from annual risk assessment. For instance, to monitor risks of interested party transaction and procurement, we audit identification of interested parties (suppliers included), management of interested parties, process of procurement and etc.

For any finding or concluded issue, our internal auditors report directly to the Audit Committee without the need to consult with management, and via the Audit Committee to the Board. Our internal auditors have unrestricted access to all areas of the Company’s business units, assets, records and personnel in the course of conducting its work.

Business Ethics and Anti-Fraud Training to Employees (Including Part-time Employees) and Directors

The Group provides regular integrity education and training to employees and directors every year. We organised online anti-corruption training. The training contained popularisation of laws and regulations on anti-corruption and operation compliance, interpretation of the latest Corporate Governance Code and relevant listing regulations, clarification of the responsibilities of personnel at all levels in anti-corruption efforts, and case analysis. An E-Learning platform has also been set up to provide exercises and tests for employees, and track their completion rate of the training. During the Reporting Period, all employees (including part-time employees) have completed training of anti-corruption and business ethics, and all directors had completed the training regarding anti-corruption and business ethics and signed the declaration on code of business ethics.

Business Ethics And Anti-Corruption Training to All Suppliers and Contractors

We provide business ethics and anti-corruption training to all suppliers and contractors. We state in the supply agreement to make sure that our supplier is informed of our business ethics and anti-corruption policies, including that the suppliers are prohibited from engaging in commercial bribery, in whatever form, in their business activities with us, and that must establish anti-corruption rules and regulations and take corresponding measures to regulate their employees’ business behaviors. In 2021, 100% suppliers and contractors are offered with business ethics and anti-corruption training, and are required to sign the Supplier Integrity Letter to confirm that they fully understand of our policies and consequences for violation. We will immediately terminate business relationship with any supplier which breaches such integrity clauses.

Introduction of the Internal Control Department of Haitian International

The Internal Control Department of Haitian International has established for thirteen years and plays a crucial role in monitoring corporate governance. The department has more than ten professional auditors who conduct audits for the company.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the leadership and supervision of the audit process, and conducts research and processing of more complex and substantial audit projects involving finance, infrastructure, engineering and technology. The Internal Control Department carries out audit supervision of the company’s financial income and expenditure and various economic activities in accordance with relevant policies. In performing its duties, it has unrestricted access to all categories of business entities, assets, records and employees.

The Internal Control Department conducts audits of business segments to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, internal controls and corporate governance processes, helping the company to achieve its objectives, and carries out ad hoc projects and investigations as requested by management or the Board of Directors. The frequency of audits is determined by factors including identified risks, structural changes, the overall materiality of each entity, the results of previous internal audits, the opinion of the external auditor, management’s opinion, etc. Each business segment is audited at least once every three years.

The Internal Control Department shall consult the audited entity before issuing the audit report, and if the audited entity disagrees with the audit report, it shall further verify, investigate and confirm. The audited entity shall formulate a rectification plan based on recommendations made due to serious internal control deficiencies, and the Internal Control Department shall follow up on the rectification plan.