Minimalist designs, mega functions: Products for the eletronics market are often “wonders of technology”. Especially when you consider the tiny size and geometric complexity of the plastic parts. Every cubic millimeter counts, and the higher the specifications and challenges in production. This requires a comprehensive quality approach down to the last detail, because the mass market is hotly contested.

Our everyday life is rich in technical systems such as cell phones, tablets, computers or memory cards and connectors. New slim designs, new surfaces and innovative functions keep the market in constant motion. The pressure to innovate is great. A big challenge for suppliers to the electronics industry.

On the one hand, it keeps the order situation on a level, but product cycles are getting shorter and shorter, which endangers profitability.



The more compact the product design, the finer the components are conceived and the more perfectly everything must fit. Precision and repeatability are required, quality work on a micromillimeter basis. Especially for complicated and thin-walled parts. Nevertheless, production must be done quickly, because, as is well known, the competitor never sleeps – one innovation chases the next. This is one of the main challenges in the electronics market.

In order to master this permanent pressure situation, more is needed than resilient, mature machine concepts and high-performance technologies. Experience and know-how in process design are just as essential. Haitian International offers  precise solutions for specific industry requirements. Intelligent solutions with clear energy cost advantages, high availability and maximum productivity with shortest set-up times. Technology to the Point.