The production of plastic products and components for the medical industry, up to mass articles for the care and health sector, is a wide field. Focusing the medical market solely on cleanroom applications would be too short-sighted and does not do justice to the complexity of the market – especially from a global perspective. The variety of product groups and the innumerable applications in the area

of conflict between medical care, diagnostics and supply is great. It includes both technically extreme requirements in the area of “low volume/high mix” as well as simpler applications in the area of “high volume/low mix”. As one of the leading injection molding machine manufacturers and experienced technology developers, Haitian International offers precise system solutions for almost all tasks.



The medical market is exceptional in every respect, and it is changing rapidly. Around 7.77 billion people populate the earth, and the trend is rising. Hardly any other industry has gained such dynamism in recent times and has not just come under dramatic pressure since Corona – economically, logistically, in terms of delivery times. Reliability and consistency are extremely important right now, because maximum possible efficiency and tailor-made quality are the top priorities in this highly sensitive and highly strained industry.

Haitian International ensures this reliability and consistency through an established production and service network around the globe. We have the appropriate capacities and routine in injection molding machine manufacturing. Combined with the know-how to match exactly the optimal injection molding technology for the respective market segment to the production processes and specific standards in plastics processing. Optimally designed for the required quality and productivity, cleanliness and precision. Technology to the point.