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Our Mission

Leadership has many Dimensions

The success of the plastics processor is of pivotal importance to our approach at Haitian. As the Planets have orbital reliance on the Sun, we have branded our products with the same customer commitment. With consistent customer focus we became a world leader in the injection molding machine industry.

Belief in our core values is paramount, as is a sincere appreciation for the trust of our customers and the support of our competent partners and investors supported by the continuous diligence of all our staff.

An important reason for our success is that we have pursued and lived our

vision in every detail – to offer technology of premium quality at affordable prices. We have continually questioned our thinking and actions through our communication with all market partners and other involved parties. We work on creating innovation – whether it is big or small, and constantly strive for perfection and the highest efficiency with our own manufacturing. This is equally true for machine performance on the customer’s premises.

We continue to maintain this policy with competent expansion. Everything we do is intended to place our customers in a position to overcome challenges profitably and sustainably. With this promise we shall enjoy success together in the future.


Photosynthesis is the source of all life and growth on our planet. Year by year plants produce more than 100 billion tonnes of biomass and solar energy radiation which is transformed into new life – and thereby into new energy.

It is a perfectly balanced combination, a masterful dialogue of nature. And this provides an analogy for communication with our customers, suppliers, business partners, investors and colleagues.


Our machine and solution concepts have reached a secure design status for specific market and customer requirements. For mutual inspiration, we continually pursue information between all market partners to gain perspectives, understand trends and fulfill customer desires to create a stronger than ever influence on our product design.

Modern communication tools should facilitate this goal. Internet portals for information and news, newsletters and magazines for background and progress reports, networks for knowledge transfer, think-tanks for research and development, web seminars and online training are just some of the opportunities. With these tools, we can efficiently communicate our vision and knowledge with practical benefits for everyoneso we all achieve even better solutions.

Our Mission: INNOVATION.

The story of evolution is bursting with innovation and flexibility.

Nature has many wonderful examples of innovation. Like “The lotus effect”,” Flying Fish”, “Gecko Feet” with super adhesive power. These are just a few examples from which we draw great motivation for our vision and strategy at Haitian International.

Nature’s ability to renew and adapt to evolving environmental conditions is what we also utilize so successfully. We preserve and encourage the innovative strength of our research and development and are committed to overcoming new challenges quickly and effectively.


Offering standard solutions is the strength of our business. We meet 80% of the plastics industry’s requirements from machines developed by our Haitian, Zhafir and Tianjin brands. With our machines it is possible to process almost every material using a diverse selection of options. With new materials and technologies pushing the boundaries of processing, we are constantly preparing for the future.

We will focus on the basic strengths of injection moulding technology, and invest in proper solutions which will both expand the standardized process performance capability and also optimize the cost-benefit ratio. That means solutions which correspond to available budgets and which put our customers ahead. That is what counts.

Our Mission: EFFICIENCY.

Focusing on what is really needed for improvement is the key to innovation.

Nature is a perfect example of effective innovation. For instance, plant’s attract bees through their colourful flowers and scent, but also use electric emissions toprovide a signal for the level of their nectar. Bees use this signal to determine whether the flower is full or empty. This reflects Nature’s perfect example for foresight, flexibility and speed in adapting to changing conditions. This is a perfect analogy for what we understand as efficiency.


Our daily manufacturing goal is to work with the highest possible efficiency through the constant improvement of all value-added processes, from sourcing through to quality control. Manufacturing with high quality but using standardised components to reduce individual unit costs is our goal. Our facilities adopt a vertically integrated manufacturing system with the constant expansion of our worldwide production network, saving on logistics costs.

In this way we have been able to sustainably reduce our manufacturing costs considerably over the past few years. This was achieved with a simultaneous increase in output capacity, providing improved benefits to our customers. And so shall it continue.