30,000 machines delivered in 2010 – the Group is significantly expanding market leadership around the world.

One of the largest producers of injection molding machines announces its annual results for 2010: Haitian International (Share Code: 1882) is announcing a total sales of around 7 billion RMB. The energy saving Haitian Mars Series continues to pull the crowds with a share in sales of around approximately 70%. The all-electric Zhafir Venus Series has been sold 800 times to date. The amount in exports increased by more than 100% overall.

The group was able to raise turnover by 82.8% from around 3,861.3 to 7,057.3 million RMB for the financial year that ended on December 31, 2010. The net Profit, attributable to shareholders went up by 136.1% to 1.062,6 million RMB.

Mr. Zhang Jianming, Executive Director and CEO of Haitian International comments the numbers: “The 30,000 machines sold give us an unprecedented result. This remarkable development is based on the consistent further development of our products, the constant optimization of our production efficiency and above all on an outstanding distribution-oriented presence. We were able to expand our position in China and increase exports considerably.”

The energy saving Haitian Mars Series continues to be the most coveted product from Haitian. Of the 35,000 machines sold to date 20,000 units were delivered in the previous financial year alone. This equated to approximately 70% of total sales.

The German subsidiary company and the premium Zhafir Plastics Machinery brand recorded growth rates that are just as strong. The all-electric Venus Series achieved sales of 172 million RMB worldwide, which is an increase of 304.7% compared with 2009. A total of 800 units have been sold since its launched and pleasing developments are emerging for the new financial year as well.

“The demand for all-electric solutions goes up from year to year. Moreover, with our new Mercury Series we are introducing a machine, which is setting new benchmarks in more than just speed and precision. It also allows processing complex and new materials so it can be used in difficult areas of application as well” says Professor h.c. Helmar Franz, CEO of Zhafir Plastics Machinery and Executive Director and CSO of the Haitian International Holding.

The market has recovered and the need for energy saving concepts is greater than ever. Exports went up by 101.9% in 2010 to 1,698.5 million RMB. This equates to a 24.1% share of sales. “Our export business has continued to rise in recent years. Therefore we expand our global network and thus also be able to serve new markets”, says Zhang Jianming.

Haitian Europe GmbH exploited the positive development of the European processor with the relocation to Germany and the restructuring associated with it. Uwe Baer, General Manager of Haitian Europe, is satisfied: “Together with our sales partners we placed more than 500 machines in Europe in 2010. This means a more than 50% increase over the previous year. So we are in line with the Trend.” Steffen Franz , Engineer and Technical Director of Zhafir in Ebermannsdorf endorses this statement: “The more than 100 Venus machines sold and an increasing demand for our new Mercury are proof of the steadily growing interest in all-electric solutions in Europe. We are counting on a definite surge this year.”

Mr. Zhang about future perspectives: “The great demand for our machines is continuing in the new year as well. Additional production capacities, for example with the start of production in Vietnam in the second quarter, are increasing the rating for our export sales. We are positioned optimally and are looking forward to the challenge this year.”

Financial Highlights for the year ended December 31, 2010

(in RMB millions) 2010  2009
Sales 7,057.3 3,861.3 + 82.8%
Profit Attributable to Equity Holders 1,062.6 450.0 + 136,1%
Domestic sales 5,228.4 2,916.9 + 79.2%
Export sales 1,698.5 841.1 + 101.9%

Exchange rate, status 3.16.2011: EUR 1.00 = CNY 9.1874

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