Turnover, exports, profit: Haitian sets new records in all areas for fiscal year 2013 + + + Sale of Mars machines exceeded 100,000 units + + + Success guaranteed through innovation, high cost efficiency, and product development with a consistent focus on the customer

Haitian International, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plastic injection molding machines, has announced its financial results for fiscal year 2013. As expected, 2013 presented a major challenge for the engineering industry, but for Haitian it was a year of successes. In 2013, the Haitian Group was able to increase its turnover and profit significantly again, setting new all-time records.


Turnover for 2013 was 7.2 billion RMB (approx. 1,2 billion USD) a 13.7% increase compared to the previous year. Net profit after taxes increased by 22.3% to 1.206 billion RMB (approx 200 Million USD). The export business also grew by 3.6% and also set a new peak of 2.061 billion RMB (approx. 340 Million USD). Especially positive in 2013 were higher sales in the Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and North America markets.


Overall the Haitian Group delivered around 27,000 machines in 2013, far exceeding the previous year’s figure of 22,000 units. With this quota, the magic mark of 100,000 Mars machines was surpassed.


These results are all the more impressive, given the challenging markets in 2013 both domestically and overseas, it also has been a very difficult environment for the Chinese engineering industry. “On the one hand, we see the main reasons for this success in our product and market strategy, which we actively communicate and clearly align with the needs of processors. On the other hand, we are working very hard to optimize costs,” commented Mr. Zhang Jianming, Executive Director and CEO of Haitian International, regarding the completed financial year. He also mentioned about increased resources in the areas of research & development, production, and marketing.


The Haitian brand’s best seller continues to be the Mars Series, whose energy-efficient servo hydraulic drive technology has made it a great success and is now a standard feature on other series as well. “And this without a higher cost,” emphasized Zhang Jianming. With last year’s increase of 18%, more than 22,000 machines have been equipped with “Mars technology,” thus generating more than 80% of the total volume.


The Jupiter Series with two-platen technology also posted enormous growth rates — nearly 40% compared to 2012. Its Generation 2 has undergone a major redesign that met with great success during its presentation at Chinaplas in May 2013. Just how much Haitian considers the needs of the plastics industry  is also evident in its offer to processors to customize the Jupiter Series on request with up to 88,000 kN clamping force. A Jupiter with 66,000 kN clamping force is the world’s largest injection molding machine to date.

In the fully-electric machines sector, the Haitian subsidiary Zhafir continues its irresistible   push forward with their top-selling Venus Series. The Venus is also setting records year after year: In 2013, more than 1,000 Venus machines were sold and delivered to customers, which resulted in a 22% increase in turnover. Following the introduction of Venus Generation 2 at Chinaplas, demand even increased by 40% for the second half of 2013.