Citylong Technology Development Co. Ltd. , established in 1990, (hereinafter referred to as “Citylong”) has always focused on the home furnishing sector. Today, Citylong is a leading domestic enterprise combining research, development, production and sales in the home furnishing industry. Citylong has two main production bases in Tianjin and Xuzhou, and a global sales network covering various regions.

With the increasing demand for a higher quality of life, there are significant opportunities for storage products in the market, and China is expected to become one of the largest markets for storage and furnishing products in the world. Recently, we had the pleasure of having a conversation with Mr. Pan from Citylong, discussing the development of the storage products industry and exploring the current trends and demands in the home living sector.

1. Producing with precision: Craftsmanship to perfection

Citylong’s Products

It is not an easy task to create products that are recognized by consumers enabling companies to enter a market. For now over 30 years, Citylong has been committed to the housewares industry. Behind its rise as an industry leader is a commitment to strict quality control and continuous product development. Through independent innovation, Citylong has driven the comprehensive introduction of whole-home storage solutions and achieved a leading position in the industry.

Entering Citylong’s production facility, the entire factory is equipped with fast-cycling Haitian and electrical Zhafir machines. Since the 1990s, Citylong has been a true supporter of Haitian machines.

Citylong’s Production Facility

Citylong has always been exploring new machines and technologies, continuously improving injection molding equipment and pushing the limits of quality. Mr. Pan told us, “Every time a new Haitian machine is introduced, we want to be the first company in the civil goods industry to use and test it.” At present, the total number of Haitian machines at all production sites is over 300, and it can be said that the continuous investment and development of Haitian machines are proof that Citylong is working tirelessly to improve product quality.

2. Cost reduction and efficiency improvement: achieving industrial advantages

In recent years, competition in the industry has intensified. Cost has become a major issue that many companies cannot escape. Mr. Pan explains, “In the past two years, we have almost exclusively purchased fast-cycling or electric machines. In particular, the high-speed machines can fully meet our energy-saving requirements. Although the initial investment for electric machines is higher, they do offer significant advantages in terms of total cost accounting. The initial investment can be amortized within two or three years.

Visiting Haitian Wuxi Production Facility

In discussing other reasons for choosing Haitian, Mr. Pan mentioned that Haitian’s after-sales service, customer communication and support are customer-oriented, which is a significant advantage over other manufacturers. This is a key factor backing up Citylong’s decision to choose Haitian.

3. Fast response: seizing new online growth opportunities

Currently, e-commerce platforms have become one of the key sales channels for the home storage market. In addition to the opportunities presented by the online market, there is also the challenge of improving the flexibility of the company’s supply chain. “Nowadays, customers are very demanding. When they place an order, they expect delivery within three to five days. Last year, we had a unique special order, a multi-million dollar order that required fast delivery. The customer searched with all domestic industrial companies, but none could meet their expectations. Thanks to our advanced equipment, we were able to accept and execute this order,” said Mr. Pan. Haitian’s fast delivery of high-speed machinery gave Citylong the hardware support and strong drive it needed to meet even the most difficult challenges.

Group Photo

On its journey to quality, Citylong spares no effort and strives for perfection at every step. The high standard of product quality, advanced production facilities and the advantage of a fast supply chain have contributed to Citylong’s remarkable success in the Household industry. Haitian will continue to accompany Citylong in its pursuit to shape homes for its consumers with beautiful memories of a cultivated life.