With the changes in domestic and international developments, the sales and development of new energy vehicles have made rapid progress in recent years. According to statistics, the global total sales of new energy vehicles reached 6.47 million in 2021, and the domestic cumulative sales werer. The industry agrees that the industry will still maintain a strong growth momentum.

The injection molding machine, as the main manufacturing tool of interior and exterior trim parts in the automotive industry has brought huge market demand with the surge of new energy vehicle market.

As one of the leaders in domestic multi-component applications, Haitian International and BYD Group once again join forces and cooperate to help the development of the new energy vehicle industry. Recently, Haitian customized a batch of large-scale multi-component injection molding machines for BYD to produce multi-color automotive lights.

The hydraulic multi-component machine JU18500M provided for BYD this time is developed based on the JUIII platform, which is one of the widely praised solutions by the market among Haitian large multi-component models.

Haitians’ large multi-component Model JU18500M

The whole machine is equipped with a vertical turntable clamping structure, a combination of parallel + vertical injection units and BYD’s exclusive customized function modules to support the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry with excellent performance.



  1. Less space, cost reduction expert

    In line with the industry development trend of “two-platen machines as large machines”, it greatly improves the utilization rate of the plant and reduces the daily operating cost;

  2. Precise control, multi-dimensional improvement

    Equipped with the “J6 control technology” independently developed by Haitian, the machine can effectively reduce the load of the system, and achieves accurate and reliable performance to comprehensively improve the accuracy and response through the screening and reconstruction of a large amount of process data, and the algorithm optimization of key process parameters;

  3. Human-machine interaction, smart future

    The machine has good human-machine interaction performance such as full closed-loop control of the turntable and free programming of core sequences.

JU18500M three-color machine in BYD Shenzhen plant

It is reported that the special lamp machine customized by Haitian for BYD is mainly aimed at the multi-color/multi-station products of BYD automobile’s conventional rears, through lamps, conventional two-color headlamps, large thick-wall light guides and other lamps. The special lamp machine can not only meet the two-color/three-color manufacturing process of two stations (0°-180°-0°), but also realize the three-color process of three stations (0°-120°-240°-0°) to fully reflect Haitian’s advanced technology and concept in the multi-component field.

Replacing steel with plastics is an important step in the lightweight development of new energy vehicles. In the future, Haitian will accelerate the application of technological achievements in the field of new energy vehicles. With more than 20 years of technical experience and continuous innovation in the multi-component professional field, Haitian has explored different paths for the development of new energy vehicle industry and provided customers with better solutions.