Haitian International is showcasing market-driven products at K 2010 and is confidently in dialog with customers

In the first half of 2010 Haitian International sales were again significantly above pre-crisis levels. +76% in the domestic Chinese market and +17% in export markets. The “Group” had the right innovations and resource saving products available on the upswing. At K 2010 Haitian wants to enlarge upon the dialog with customers, partners, investors and suppliers for long term, confident relationships under the motto “Trust through Communication”. This can only come about when you are offering market driven products and maintain open communication with customers.

Using the “GreenVantage” label Haitian International is reinforcing the focus on the development of energy-saving machine solutions. Therefore four injection machines will be showcased on the exhibition booth with different levels of technology and application, which unifies the goal of saving energy in an extremely well thought out way. In order to make an optimum comparison possible all four exhibits are being presented in the same clamping force ratings.

Reliable quality, a standard that is a perfect fit and streamlined: the compactly packed “Eco Version” of the Mars

The Mars Series is Haitian International’s best seller. With over 25,000 units being sold total worldwide the Group achieved with this machine a sensational 270% growth in sales in the first half year, which equates to a 65% share of the total sales.

With the new “Mars/eco” Haitian Plastics Machinery is now offering an economic version of the successful Mars Series. The efficiently packed functions promises an attractively priced alternative, which makes the competitive production of simple standard parts feasible for the processor.

A Mars/eco 1600/540 produces a 300 ml cream-pot at the K-Show, supported from Inotech Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Nabburg, Germany. The molded part made from PP is removed using a 3-axis robot.

The “GreenVantage” energy analysis of the Mars/eco yields a consumption of 0 liters of water and power consumption of 2.1 KW/hour. With regards to price the Mars/eco is placed approximately 50% below the conventional European hydraulic standard machines.

The consequence of the success: 
Haitian Pallas Series from 600 to 10,000 kN

Building on the success of the Mars Series the new “Pallas Series” was already presented at this year’s Chinaplast. The concept is relatively basic and simple, as it is often the case when success is achieved quickly: You take the excellent energetic properties of the “Mars” and combine them with more speed and precision.

Haitian is presenting the prototype “PA1600/570” at the K- Show. The molded PA6-30GF part was provided by the T1-supplier of automobile parts Steep Plastique, France.

The “GreenVantage” energy analysis of the Pallas yields a consumption of 0 liters of water and power consumption of 4.8 KW/hour – amounting to an energy savings of up to 70% compared with a conventionally hydraulic machine.

All-electric technology at an affordable price: 
the Zhafir Venus Series

With the “Zhafir Venus Series” Zhafir Plastics Machinery, a subsidiary of Haitian International Holding, is supplying all-electric technology at the price of a European hydraulic machine.

More than 600 machines have been sold so far thanks to the continually increasing market penetration and the consistently positive feedback. This alone equates in the first half year 2010 with a doubling of sales compared with total sales of 2009. The Venus series for the European markets is assembled entirely in Ebermannsdorf, Germany, inspected and then delivered from there to the customers.

Zhafir is displaying a Venus 1500/430h in a version with faster injection at the K- Show. The company Meus out of Italy is providing the mold to produce a medical part made from shockproof PS. The company is already using Venus machines and recently placed a new order.

The “GreenVantage” energy analysis of the Venus yields a consumption of 0 liters of water and power consumption of 4.8 KW/hour. The energy savings amounts to 70% when compared with a conventionally hydraulic machine.

World premier and the sales release: the innovative Zhafir Mercury Series

The Zhafir Mercury Series is the result of German-Chinese team work: developed by German engineers with the support of the experienced production experts from Zhafir Ningbo and manufactured outright in Ebermannsdorf. The Mercury represents a new generation of all-electric injection machines. Tie bars becomes side plates and provide for a 70% larger mold area. A simplified toggle system gains more precision and the separation of plastification and injection provides for an extraordinarily high melt quality and high injection speed with extreme acceleration.

The Mercury is producing a 750 ml cup made from PP MFR-70 at the K-Show with a cycle time below 4 seconds, including handling by a 3-axis robot. It produces with shot weight tolerances of 0.2% maximum. The 2-cavity mold is being provided by the French packaging specialist SIM, which is already using a Mercury in practice trials. “Thanks to the highly dynamic piston resolution on the injection side we were even able to reduce the injection speed somewhat. In contrast we usually run with our hydraulic high speed machines at the limit” points out an impressed Pascal Poussard, CEO of SIM France.


The “GreenVantage” energy analysis of the Mercury yields very efficient, energy saving values for a high performance machine: approximately 60% less consumption of water than the high speed European premium brands and power consumption for this application of 16.6 kW/hour. All in all the Mercury saves up to 50% in energy compared with the traditional high performance machines.


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