With innovative solutions Haitian International want to defy the general cost pressure

At Fakuma 2012, Haitian International Ltd. wants to set new standards with regard to efficient production and quantity costs. For the first time in Europe, in Hall A6 at Stand 6107, the new machine generations of the Haitian and Zhafir brands will be presented. However, it is not the machines themselves that are in the spotlight, but rather their sustainable appeal, which Haitian International, delivers through the combination of targeted improvements and efficient master plans. Goal-orientated solutions as the answer to the mounting cost pressure, heightened quantity costs in particular, and rapid amortization are the central themes.

Innovative solutions for “Technology brought to the point”

Three exhibits – a Zhafir Venus 2 Series with 1000 kN, a Haitian Mars 2 Series with 900 kN and a Zhafir Mercury Series with 1000 kN – represent the line of approach for the Haitian Group: Innovative advancements and close-to-the- customer concepts for almost every application in the middle and high standard market segments. Their motto for this: “Technology brought to the point”. This means consistent focus on the greatest possible efficiency in the manufacture of standard parts through the integration of standard components and affordable terms.

“Current market figures demonstrate a strongly growing trend for all-electric machine concepts. But the figures also show the trend is noticeably going toward affordable solutions.” Prof. h.c. Dipl.-Ing. Helmar Franz, CEO of Zhafir Plastics Machinery, and member of the Executive Board of Haitian International, explains the background for this trend. He sees the cost pressure for his customers becoming ever greater, their financial scope for operation becoming ever smaller. “The price of raw materials is constantly rising. In many nations of the world energy is a significant cost factor. Even large international plastic component processors, because of these spiralling costs, can only continue using the injection moulding method if the machine technology can somewhat reduce the cost pressure.”“

“Technology must be affordable, otherwise nobody will use it”

In order to reach this, and thus to allow further growth in injection moulding through the manufacture of plastic components, one should bear in mind what makes this method so attractive. “The fast manufacture of large quantities of items, repeatedly accurate precision, and plastic components with integrated functions is the key. And the processing of innovative materials, which offer the user many advantages,” Franz explains the mission of Haitian International. The variety of technologies in the field of plastics technology is hardly easy to grasp. Engineering, however, is not an end in itself. “It cannot be the goal for injection moulding to make everything, just because it would be possible to do so. We will invest in solutions which are used in practice, and which correspond to real budgets. This is what our injection moulding machines will aim for, and also the general periphery.”

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