Absolute Haitian – sales and service partner in the U.S. and Canada will represent the machine solution of Haitian and Zhafir +++ Smaller model sizes in two-platen technology +++ Wide platen option +++ North American premiere of the 730 U.S. ton Jupiter II at NPE 2015 on booth 3638.

The success of the Haitian Jupiter II servo-hydraulic two-platen injection molding machine (the second generation of the Jupiter Series) has led to the introduction of new, smaller model sizes and new wide-platen options for North American molders.

The Jupiter II is the best equipped for North American molders given its balance between capability, productivity per square foot and economical operation,” says Glenn Frohring, one of the owners of Absolute HAITIAN. “The Jupiter II’s servo-hydraulics deliver significant energy cost savings over older, hydraulic machines. It should be highly interesting to the automotive industry.”

At NPE 2015, Haitian is running a JUII 6500/4500 with clamp force of 730 U.S. tons and a shot size of 80.14 ounces. The machine cell is equipped with a space-saving high performance S5 robot from Sepro.

Zhafir Zeres Series: Best of electric and hydraulic technology 

First models scheduled to arrive in U.S. first quarter 2015 +++ Zeres Series is shown in North America for the first time at NPE 2015

At NPE 2015, Absolute HAITIAN will show North American molders the Zhafir Zeres Series, a new all-electric injection molding machine combined with integrated hydraulics. The Zeres Series is based on proven all-electric technology and is combined with an integrated hydraulic system. The hydraulics open up new possibilities for molders who prefer electric machines but need hydraulics to operate, for example, core pull.

“In the past, molders who needed core pull or hydraulic ejectors had to place a separate hydraulic power pack next to the molding machine. With integrated hydraulics, the Zeres Series eliminates the need for the power pack, reducing the machine cell’s footprint and improving productivity per square foot. It makes it easier for processors to switch from hydraulic to electric machines,” said Absolute HAITIAN owner and Chief Engineer Mike Ortolano. “It is the optimum solution for molds with core pull, and molded parts where quality is the issue rather than shorter cycle times, for example with optical components.”

The new Zeres is available immediately in the U.S. and Canada in clamping forces of 45 to 259 U.S. tons with larger model sizes to follow.

At NPE 2015, a Zeres 1200/300 with clamp tonnage of 135 U.S. tons and a shot size of 4.73 ounces will be on display molding a part requiring with hydraulic core pull sequencing.

Venus II/p uses special machine features for packaging applications

Absolute HAITIAN’s booth will also feature the Zhafir Venus II/p, a high-speed packaging machine with an economic price that lowers the entry point for molders participating in the packaging marketplace. At NPE, a Venus II/p 3800-1700p with a clamp force of 427 U.S. tons and shot size of 25.40 ounces will feature a high-speed cap and closure mold.

Mars II continues its best-seller status

The Mars II Series continues to provide high value to customers with energy efficient servo-hydraulics, repeatable accuracy, precision, and energy efficiency balanced with an economic purchase price. These characteristics are what have made the Mars Series the best-selling servo-hydraulic machine in the industry, with more than 120,000 units in the field worldwide.

At NPE 2015, attendees will see the Mars MAII 2800/1350 with 315 U.S. tons of clamp force and a shot size of 23.60 ounces. The MAII will be equipped with a Sepro Success 11 robot.