From now on the all-electric “Venus” machines will be produced also in Germany

The parent company of Zhafir Plastics Machinery in Germany, Haitian International Holdings Ltd., invested around 10 million Euros into the Ebermannsdorf location close to the city of Amberg. Zhafir Plastics Machinery GmbH in Germany in the Haitian Group focuses on innovative, all-electric injection molding machines for high-end applications in the premium segment. Effective immediately the Venus series will also to be produced in Germany using the 4,000 square meter production area. Every machine of course is CE certified. It took only about eight month of construction time to complete the new manufacturing plant. About 45 employees are to be engaged here by the end of 2010 in the areas of production, development and administration.

“We are very proud to be able to continue to extend our Germany location as planned despite the economic and financial crisis. With the new manufacturing plant we are in a position to be able to optimally serve the European market and specifically the German market with our all-electric machines of the Venus series. This increases our sales and service options enormously and improves support during mold testing as well as specific training courses. The attractive price of the well-engineered Venus gives the processor more room for investments in their local production capacities and for the pricing of their products to their clients in the competitive environment. So we see a lot of potential.” says Prof. Helmar Franz, CEO of Zhafir Plastics Machinery.

The “Venus Series” is already being produced successfully in Ningbo/China since 2008. Over 350 machines where successfully placed with customers on the global market. Up until a few years ago Europe was focused predominantly on the traditional hydraulic machines, in Asia and North America already for decades focus is directed towards the use of the energy saving and precise technology of the all-electric machines. The advantages are obvious: high precision and repeat accuracy, environmentally friendly and energy saving. Clean and quiet.

More and more European processors have also recognized this trend and are reconsidering. Rising energy costs and the increasingly tougher competition are forcing the processors into more efficiency and cost consciousness while placing extremely high demands on quality. The result in recent years is that the all-electric market in Europe has consistently increased.

“The Venus series has good prospects for a great future in Europe. With the Venus 40 tons up to 410 tons Zhafir Plastics Machinery is offering an all-electric machine, which has a lot of options included in its standard machine package, it provides excellent performance parameters and can be offered on the same pricing level of a traditional, hydraulic European machine.” says Prof. Helmar Franz.

Numerous mold tests on previously delivered machines show that the Venus has a very broad diversity of applications. Broad especially also beyond the typical traditional applications for all-electric machines. From the thin-walled packaging part up to the thick-walled and surface sensitive lens. The Venus shows extremely constant results as to process stability and energy saving. Tested in many cases at the client’s in a direct comparison, the Venus convinced with outstanding performance parameters at an attractive price.

Considering the increasing competition, the high demands on quality as well as the continued pressure on costs, the processors pay more and more attention on all-electrical machines, particularly because they will offer more and more an improved price/performance advantage compared with the conventional, hydraulic machine systems.

The Venus series already covers approximately 80% of the high tech applications. The premium brand “Zhafir” is rounding up Zhafir`s portfolio with the innovative new development of “Mercury”series, thus paving the way to a new generation of injection molding machines.