On 21st August 2012 Haitian International Holding Ltd. announced their interim results for 2012. Thus the Haitian Group could show a sales turnover of 3,179.1 million RMB.

“An outstanding half-year result“ was the conclusion of Mr. Zhang Jianming, Executive Director and CEO of Haitian International. “Particularly as the economic conditions in 2012 were, until now, rather uncertain.“

Over 11,000 machines sold

Altogether, the Haitian Group sold more than 11,000 injection-moulding machines in the first half of 2012. In comparison with the same period last year there were 14,904 machines sold. Although the internal turnover results from the first half-year of 2011 could not be maintained, and dropped by 14.2 %. However, taking into consideration the all year round “Chinese-New-Year-Effect“, the business, as measured against the second half-year of 2011, remains at the same level. According to Haitian this can be attributed to the higher sales figures with new, sophisticated products and to the still increasing demand for all-electric machines in the premium brand name “Zhafir”. For example, the Venus Series was able to reach 7.3 % higher turnover as compared with 2011.

“Always in difficult market conditions there are also chances for practice-orientated innovations“ commented Mr. Zhang Jianming on the most recent development. “This has been strikingly demonstrated by our second machine generation. The new Haitian and Zhafir Series not only provide the users with more precision with much faster cycles, but also across our entire equipment range the cost-effectiveness-ratio and quality is better than ever. This is also why we continue to have a steady demand. Even in difficult times, all-electric injection moulding machines and hybrid technology concepts can demonstrate their precision and efficiency advantages yet more strongly. European users will also want to profit from this.“

Export market increases by 2.4%

The export turnover in the first half-year of 2012 shows, with 1,011.4 million RMB, a slight increase (2.4 %) as compared with the same period in the year 2011. The gross profit margin of the first half-year of 2012 has remained stable with 29.7 %, the result of more effective cost reduction and control measures. Thanks to more efficient production and active Working-Capital-Management the operative cash flow could be increased. The Net-Cash-Position of the Haitian Group has been calculated at more than 2.2 billion RMB.

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