The Group is optimally positioned for the global markets and is demonstrating its high speed of innovation at the K-Show 2010 with its broadly diversified products portfolio. The Haitian group offers the appropriate machines for all needs with extremely low energy consumption as follows: Standard with the new “Mars Eco”, performance with the full version of the “Mars”, with the two-platen series “Jupiter” and the new energy saving “Pallas”. The all-electric “Zhafir Venus Series” provides for more speed and precision as well as outstanding repeatability. Starting with the K Show in October 2010 the innovative “Zhafir Mercury” series is entering the high-end sector.

Economic standard injection molding –

The best seller “Haitian Mars Series” already sold 25,000 times 

The energy saving “Mars Series” was presented and introduced at the end of 2006. Precisely at the point in time when the markets because of growing cost pressure and new energy saving regulations required such a product.

With over 25,000 Mars machines being sold total worldwide Haitian achieved a remarkable turnover in 2009 of around 2,082 million RMB with only this machine series. This represents about 60% of the total sales. So – it is the result of a market oriented development work and consistent introduction to the market.

Mars success: Swiss premium manufacturing extends with Haitian

In the beginning of 2009 nine Mars machines were delivered to the Thai branch of the Swiss company Noventa AG. In the future the machines will produce casings for a well-known Swiss sewing machine brand among other things in a newly inaugurated assembly building. The new production machine was duly tested prior to this decision at the company’s headquarters in Dipoldsau (Switzerland).

“Our engineers were surprised to see that a machine from Asia was able to offer the same functions and performance they knew from the European brand machines”, remembers Josef Sheuer, the Executive Director of Noventa (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Streamlined and unique –

The compactly packed “Eco Version” of the Mars

With the new “Mars Eco” Haitian is now offering an economic version of the successful “Mars Series”. The efficiently equipped package promises an attractively priced alternative, which allows the processor the competitive production of simple standard parts.

The “Mars Eco” is naturally equipped with the energy saving Mars technology which is patented in China. And with a streamlined option package the “Mars Eco” is becoming an extremely cost-efficient standard machine for the constantly growing standard parts market. The CE-certified “Mars Eco” is provided at around 50% below the European standard machines in price and is being offered starting at the K 2010 with clamping forces from 600 to 10,000 kN.


Building on the success of the “Mars Series” the new “Pallas Series” was presented at this year’s Chinaplas. The group’s innovation speed was demonstrated here once again.

The concept is relatively basic and simple, as it is often the case when success is achieved quickly: You take the excellent energetic properties of the “Mars” and combine them with more speed and precision.

In the clamping forces from 600 to 4,500 kN the Pallas range is equipped with a kinematically revised 5-point toggle system. From 5,300 kN the “Pallas” starts with a newly developed and space saving two-platen solution.

Acceleration as a priority over speed –

The Zhafir Venus Series now as a “Packaging version” as well

With the “Zhafir Venus Series” Zhafir Plastics Machinery is supplying all-electric technology at the price of a European hydraulic machine.
Over 400 machines have been sold to date with continually increasing penetration of the market and consistently positive feedback. And all trends show upwards. It was possible to increase the sales of the “Venus” in 2009 by a sensational 80% compared with 2008.

The VE/p (packaging version) introduced at Chinaplas 2009 with increased injection speed among other features, is now also available for the European market. In the case of this version attention was paid to an extremely high acceleration. The Venus/p achieves a response time of approximately 25 msec and consequently guarantees dynamic injection and a precise part weight – even with thin wall parts. A specially developed high performance screw guarantees improved melt homogeneity and a more steady flow of material.

Numerous customer tests have shown that the Venus/p delivers comparable or even better results in acceleration, precision and energy consumption than competing all-electric products. At the same time with regard to price the Venus/p remains for the most part 30-40% below the level of the all-electric premium products from Europe and Japan.

At the end of 2009 one of the leading suppliers of electronic manufacturing services worldwide signed on for 20 units of the Venus with 4,100 kN. Following an intensive testing phase and careful comparisons of competitors the experts were convinced and finally made the decision in favor of the all-electric “Venus Series”. The machines have already been delivered and installed.

Opens new horizons –

The innovative “Zhafir Mercury Series” celebrates its premiere at the K-Show

The new high performance “Zhafir Mercury Series” opens new horizons with a totally new overall concept and innovative detailed solutions in high-end injection molding.

The machine design is reduced to the maximum and shows new approaches in the primary drive axes: Tie bars become side walls and consequently take on more functions. The clamping system is reduced to the most essential moving parts. The separation of plastification and injection permits the combination of different screws and injection piston diameters and allows for an extraordinarily high melt quality. The injection process is highly dynamic and the piston facilitates a constant injection volume, which in turn promises consistent part weight.

Zhafir Plastics Machinery is presenting the “Mercury” at the K- Show with a smart packaging application and is thus releasing the series for sales.

The Mercury is planned in the clamping forces between 300 kN and 5,000 kN and production will start beginning of 2011.

“We will assemble close to our customers. We want to have short ways and to be able to be responsive and flexible specifically to individual and regional requirements. In the sense of a true production network we plan to serve Europe from Ebermannsdorf and Asia, for example, from Ningbo. A first prototype of the Mercury was also assembled in China at the end of 2009 and has been duly tested” reports Professor Helmar Franz, Executive Director of Haitian and also CEO of Zhafir Plastics Machinery GmbH.


A Record high in the second half of 2009

With total sales of 3,861.3 million RMB the Group has achieved a 4.5% increase in sales compared to the previous year. Haitian International set a record in the second half of 2009. In comparison with the first half of the year the turnover increased by a remarkable 80% to 2.486 million RMB. With a 70% share of sales in the domestic market Haitian International secures the pole position in China. From 2008 to 2009 the Haitian Group raised sales in the domestic Chinese market by 28.9%. This also outperforms the official market numbers. According to the “Association of the Plastics Industry China” the Chinese plastics industry declined slightly by 0.2% in 2009. The market share of Haitian International rose compared to its domestic competitors to a sensational 35%.

One of the crucial reasons for this was that the molders in China have increasingly decided on the Haitian International machines and not – as previously – to import foreign brands. This is one more proof of the customer oriented portfolio of Haitian International.

Even though the export business dropped in 2009 by 37.4% as result of the global economic situation; a 68.2% increase was already recorded in the second half of the year. Consequently the Group again reached 79% of the level prior to the economic crisis.

Mr. Zhang Jianming, CEO of Haitian International explains the reason for this success: “We have worked hard on our financial stability so that we can offer our group the opportunity to invest in research and development as well as in the continued training of our employees. Following the recovery of the economic situation we now have the right products to offer, thanks to the high speed of innovation. So we achieved a internal historic record high in sales and profit in the second half of 2009.”

Haitian Europe takes over the German market

Starting June 2010 Haitian Europe, the European subsidiary company of Haitian International Holdings will operate out of Germany.
The objective of this shift in location is improved organization and infrastructure in order to position the “Haitian” brands and particularly the “Zhafir” brand optimally in the high-tech European markets. At the same time synergies should be created in logistics, development and brand coordination with Zhafir Plastics Machinery in Ebermannsdorf (near Amberg/Oberpfalz). This has motivated the decision for the location choice in the Greater Nuremberg area.

Haitian Europe is pursuing a long term and sustainable strategy for the markets in Europe.
Using the attractively priced “Mars” series for standard plastic parts offers to the molders in Europe the opportunity to produce competitively in Europe. With the all-electric and energy saving “Venus Series” the premium Zhafir brand offers competitive performance parameters and provides an alternative at the same or lower price to the traditional hydraulic high performance machines with high energy consumption. Innovations in the design of new plastic parts and the application of new plastics materials to be processed by injection molding are made possible with the new Mercury Series for the high-end sector.

The European sales team boosted the new customer rate to an average of 25% as a result of the introduction of the new machine series at the last K Show.
This shows that the long-term strategy and the intensified focus on the core markets with the “Mars”, “Jupiter” and “Venus” series is showing positive results.

“The next milestone is set in July 2010” explainsUwe Baer, CEO of Haitian Europe. “We are then taking over the solid preparatory work of our former sales partner HT Deutschland GmbH and will further expand the sales and technical customer support in the most demanding market in Europe. The whole Haitian Europe team is well prepared and is looking forward to this exciting challenge.”

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