The IPF Japan (“International Plastics Fair), which takes place once every 3 years, was commenced on October 28, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan.

This fair has attracted around 770 leading suppliers from the plastics and related industries, most of which are from Japan and also some key suppliers from the surrounding countries. It is aimed to target industries including injection molding machines, blowing molding machines, molds, automation and 3D printing etc. There are also some seminars arranged to address the topics including “the advanced technological excellence” and “future trends of the market”. As the leading trade exhibition for plastics industry in Japan, this exhibition has provided also a gathering platform for professional visitors both from Japan and Southeast Asia.

As one of the few foreign injection molding machine suppliers on this fair, Haitian International presented its two major brands, “Haitian” and “Zhafir” with a fresh look. “Haitian Plastics Machinery” shows its bestseller—the servo drive Mars second generation and also the two-platen solution Jupiter second generation; while “Zhafir Plastics Machinery” exhibited its popular fully electrical Venus second generation, and a Zeres, an electric solution with hydraulic integration. The reliable performance and best cost and performance ratio has made Haitian well recognized among the customers, while Zhafir’s comprehensive solution offered through fully electric machines, featuring highly precision, highly efficient and highly energy saving, extended customer’s advantages in competition.

In recent years, Zhafir has demonstrated a strong growth, with its strong international team fully engaged in R&D, a dedicated and reliable team covering both scale production and technical support, which is very fast responsive. All these have strengthened Zhafir’s confidence to challenge its Japanese piers in the fully electric sector which has long been dominated by the Japanese manufacturers. There are almost 1,200 units placed on the order book of Zhafir so far this year, which represents a remarkable growth of 40% in sales.