Cazzago San Martino. By mutual agreement, Haitian Europe S.R.L. will separate from their Italian distribution and service partner, HT Italy, with effect from 30.6.2008. This measure follows the strategic reorientation of the parent company, Haitian International Holdings Ltd. (Ningbo/China), a process that began back in 2007 with the introduction of the new product range bearing the trademarks ‘Haitian’ and ‘Zhafir’, and which includes the optimisation of service support for the entire European market as its primary measure, as well as other changes.

HT Italy has, since its instigation, been an independent trading partner of Haitian Europe and since then it has sold the products of Haitian International within the Italian market. According to press releases, HT Italy likewise will now strategically reposition itself, launching its own products in the Italian market.

Haitian Europe therefore considers it necessary in this respect, to point out that in the future, machine models distributed by HT Italy will neither be models constructed by Haitian, nor fitted with Haitian components. The transfer of technology between the parent company, Haitian International, and HT Italy will likewise be brought to an end.

Haitian Europe is currently increasing the number its agents in Europe, expanding the number of qualified retail partners and the Technology Centre in Cazzago San Martino and, step by step, the distribution and service for all Europe, which will also optimise the support in Italy. As early as last autumn the premium trademark ‘Zhafir’ was added to the product portfolio, and consequently the two-pronged-strategy of Haitian International was completed. As a consequence of this dual machine concept, Haitian Europe combines the strengths of two cultures: the Chinese experience of cost-effectively manufacturing standard injection molding machines over several decades, and the high-end development of European imprint.

Eric Taveau, the Managing Director of Haitian Europe, can substantiate this: ‘As a result of the optimisation of the range of machines produced by Haitian and the new all-electric ‘Zhafir Venus Series’ machine range, we are now in a position to cover almost all applications across the entire breadth of the market – from standard to high-end machines. This requires a highly qualified and professionally run sales and service department, which we envisage being fulfilled through close working with the headquarters in Ningbo, and as a result of the slimming down process of Haitian Europe.’ All Haitian machines are fitted with high quality European components and are already modified – to conform with the respective market standards – when they leave the factory, and are certified according to the CE-Standard. Complex customizing is therefore not required here in Italy.

Haitian Europe furthermore functions as a bridge to the Chinese Holding and is also available in Italy and, together with its professional team of experts, provides a support centre. Besides training and support with software applications, principally the technical customer support on-site, by the so-called ‘flying experts’, will be intensified. As a result of this reorganisation, the prompt supply of spare parts and a proficient service will be organised efficiently and guaranteed. Furthermore the increased number of machines in the warehouse will ensure shorter delivery times. All the contracts and service obligations in the Italian market will operate appreciably more efficiently in the future as a result of this repositioning.

The largest injection molding machine manufacturer in the world, Haitian International, is aiming, through the framework of this ‘European strategy’, to achieve an overall increase of the market share of injection molding machines from the current 10%, to 15% by 2010.

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