Haitian International Germany at Fakuma 2018

The future is electric

Flexibility for our customers and extraordinary cost effectiveness continue to be the focus of Haitian International’s R&D and production management. The electric solutions of their brand Zhafir Plastics Machinery are an essential pillar of this winning strategy. Advantages such as high precision, injection performance up to 500 mm/s, and sophisticated drives combined with very high energy savings are convincing arguments, and not just in key markets and future-oriented industries. A whole series of sales records confirms the trend: The annual sales figures for the Zhafir Series have been increasing dynamically from year to year.

For instance, in 2017 the factory in Chun Xiao delivered 2,300 machines to more than 60 countries. The European headquarters in Ebermannsdorf is a major purchaser after Asia. Most recently Zhafir racked up an increase of 30.6% for the first half of 2018 compared with the first half of 2017. With this continuous upward trend, the innovative subsidiary has grown into the top three leading providers of electric solutions.

“Many of our customers are convinced that there are no obvious reasons not to buy an electric Zhafir. Due to its extremely attractive cost effectiveness, our machines are today at the level of the European hydraulic solutions with clearly better performance and all the established advantages of electric machine concepts,” says Peter Mei, Sales Manager in Ebermannsdorf.

Electric solutions for more flexibility and quality –
Now available up to 33,000 kN

With the introduction of the Zhafir Jenius Series, Zhafir Plastics Machinery has expanded its portfolio with series that now range from 400 up to 33,000 kN. The Jenius Series was developed in accordance with specific customer requirements in the automobile market environment. It combines the advantages of two-platen technology – spacious inner design for the clamping side and compact design – with the benefits of an electric injection unit – high dynamics and speed. The Jenius aims at applications characterized by large-size or long injection-molded parts that demand high quality, as for example in the automotive and white goods fields. Even though the new series will not be on show live at Fakuma, the Jenius will be able to demonstrate its capabilities with a number of molding tests from late fall at the technical center in Ebermannsdorf.

Live at Fakuma

Zhafir Zeres Multi-Series –
the electric multi-component solution

Zhafir has reacted to a specific demand by a big automotive supplier. The task: An affordably priced machine for multi-component applications demanding high quality. The solution: A Zeres Series multi-version. Together with its integrated hydraulics for core pulling applications for example, the already highly versatile Zeres now reveals itself to be a very dependable multi-talented option.

Facts & Features:

  • The Zeres Multi Series is based on Zhafir’s successful Zeres technology and combines all the advantages of electric injection-molding technology: precision, energy efficiency, quiet operation, ease of maintenance
  • Servo-electric drives for injection and mold movements ensure strong dynamics.
  • The second injection unit comes as an L, P, or V version.
  • The integrated servo-hydraulics for smaller axes such as core pull, ejector, and nozzle unit widen the range of applications to include traditionally hydraulic applications.

Available in clamping force categories from 1,900 to 4,500 kN.

Live at Fakuma, Hall A1, 1101-1103: https://youtu.be/1WTIF7Jv4tk

Haitian Mars II S Series

Upgrade of the worldwide best-seller

The upgraded version of the world’s best-selling injection-molding machine. Now with the optimized core technologies of the next generation of machines: Highly efficient injection unit, high-precision control, high-standard servo-hydraulic drive system, durable clamping unit, all of which are guarantors of stability and efficiency in production.

Facts & Features:

  • The drive of Haitian’s best-selling servo-hydraulic Mars Series machine is a completely independent, innovative system.
  • Patented “Mars Technology” brings clear advantages in repeat accuracy, precision, and energy savings in the widest range of applications and materials.
  • A plug-and-play solution for 70% of all standard applications
  • Since its entrance into the market more than 230,000 Mars units have been delivered worldwide.

Available in clamping force categories from 600 to 12,000 kN. 

Live at Fakuma, Hall A1, 1101-1103: https://youtu.be/9PHoWwD4fGE

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