Zhafir Plastics Machinery introduces the new Mercury Series at the K 2010 – engineering “Made in Germany”

200 selected visitors were already able to take a look at the prototype of the Mercury Series in November of 2009 – Zhafir Plastics Machinery, the subsidiary of Haitian International Holding, is presenting its new generation of all-electric injection molding machines at K2010. Tie bars become side plates and provide for a 70% larger mold area, a simplified toggle mechanism gains more precision and the separation of plastification and injection provides for an extraordinary high melt quality as well as high dynamic injection. One of the first Zhafir Mercury machines has been in use since September 2010 at the site of packaging specialist SIM in France.

The Mercury Series is the result of German-Chinese team work: developed by German engineers with the support of the experienced production experts from Zhafir Ningbo and manufactured in Ebermannsdorf. “With the Mercury we wanted to keep track of more than just economic efficiency and productivity. In fact, everything that had gone before was to be questioned, rethinking the drive technology and control and get to the bottom of the mechanical sequences of an injection molding machine”, explains Professor h.c. Dipl.-Ing. Helmar Franz, CEO of Zhafir Plastics Machinery. “Due to the high demands and the global market trend the new technology could only be all-electric.”

Side plates got a multi-function and are used as tie bars. The result is 70% more mold area and a machine design that is 30% slimmer. The symmetrical design of the entire mechanism keeps all of the emerging forces in the center and guarantees high plate parallelism and the best tolerances.

In addition to this the toggle system was made much simpler and is composed of just two levers with a central servo-direct-drive for dynamic and smooth movements. Lubrication is unnecessary, which is why the Mercury is suitable for clean production perhaps for clean room applications.

The separation of plastification and injection will provide an extraordinary high melt quality. The melt residues that are frequently criticized in designs of this type are prevented in the case of the Mercury with a special rinsing process. Here the plastification occurs immediately using a high torque motor. The injection process is controlled by a central spindle driven by a servomotor. This promises the shortest response times and reaches speeds up to 500 mm/sec with an acceleration of over 10 g. There are three piston diameters and in turn three screw diameters available for every clamping force for a variable configuration of the injection unit for specific demands of the molds, the materials and of the process technology.

The central power supply to the drives and the new generation of inverters from KEB make it possible to recirculate the braking energy back into the grid. Servomotors with extremely low inertia are also used in the Mercury. They reduce energy consumption during heavy acceleration.

A multitude of other functions were integrated using the latest generation of controls from KEBA. So, for example, the flexible sequences can be changed individually or the access privileges can still be personalized on a more individual basis. The infinitely adjustable height of the terminal allows for convenient operation and is gentle on the back. The control terminal can also be mounted on the non-operator side so that the user has access to two machines simultaneously in a classic production network.

The Zhafir Mercury 550, 1000 and 1500 kN series will be available on the market starting 2011. A 1500kN has been in practice trials since September 2010 at the site of packaging specialist SIM in France. A thin-walled 750 ml cup made from PP is manufactured there using a 2-cavity mold. The Mercury already achieved low shot-weight tolerances of 0.2% maximum after just a few trials. “Thanks to the highly dynamic piston resolution on the injection side we were even able to somewhat reduce the injection speed. In contrast we usually run with our hydraulic high speed machines at the limit” Pascal Poussard, CEO of SIM France attests to the capability of the Mercury.

Professor Franz confidently says at the start of K-Show: “Including the cost effective Venus Series the Zhafir brand is offering two outstanding product lines to the market. Depending on requirement we can offer prime technology to the processor at unbeatable prices.”

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