From July 4 to 7, 2022, Haitian International Germany held its annual open house in Ebermannsdorf, Bavaria to show Haitian’s latest star models and popular industry applications. During this period, many customer partners came to the plant to discuss technology and share Bavarian food.

As usual, the wonderful content arrived as scheduled. This year, Haitian Germany showed people the injection molding technology with “Technology to the point””, efficient industry solutions and related automation.

At the event, Haitian International Germany showed its mature injection molding equipment and comprehensive strength, covering auto parts, thin-wall packaging, cosmetics, daily necessities and other industries, to fully demonstrate Haitian’s ability and confidence to be close to European customers and meet the European market. The audience also had “zero” contact with Haitian and ZHAFIR product families at the plant to know Haitian’s rich range of manufacturing processes.

At the same time, Haitian International Germany also provided a series of interactions during the open house, including technical information release, factory visit, industry lectures and discussions and other activities, and our partners also showed their own solutions on site.

Haitian has been deeply engaged in the European market for many years. With its profound technological accumulation and localization advantages, it has joined hands with partners to respond to customers more efficiently and to provide them with all-round support such as R& D, manufacturing, training, services and overall project management, as well as more ingenious and customized solutions, so as to create outstanding value for European customers.