Swedish processor expands its production with the “Zhafir Venus Series”.

The highly specialized Swedish injection molding company, Holmgrens Plast AB in Gnosjö, equipped their machine outfit in 2008 with the fully electric “Zhafir Venus series” and appears to be satisfied with this decision. “We have had the Venus running smoothly for a few months. Our purchase decision, which was primarily founded on economics, to install a fully electric solution with performance and precision characteristics comparable at an international level and which was based on German-Chinese engineering at a price for installation that was significantly more attractive, has proven its value for a while” emphasizes company founder and Executive Director Stefan Holmgren.

With its 45 employees and annual sales of 100 million Swedish krona (approximately 11 million euros) Holmgrens Plast is in position particularly with regard to special applications – for instance in 2-component injection molding, in-mold labeling or polyurethane processing. The special feature of the continuous operation that runs in three shifts is the expanded, client focused business activities, which cover an entire chain of services from the casting house across refining and partial assembly up to packaging and transportation. The list of clients includes large industrial groups such as ABB, Volvo Penta and Volvo Construction Equipment or even Lascal, the design manufacturer of high end transportation and safety products for children.

The company was founded in 1990 and expanded constantly since always turns to progressive production using a high grade of high level automation with the integration of highly efficient and at the same time environmentally compatible machine technology. Holmgrens focuses on the use of fully electric injection molding machines in this context: “After weighing up all of the efficiency criteria it was already obvious to us at an early stage that fully electric machines not only have higher precision, repeat accuracy and production rates, they also conserve resources in all our interests: They are cleaner, quieter, more energy efficient and to sum up these criteria they are ultimately even more cost effective”, as Stefan Holmgren explains his exclusive corporate philosophy.

Christer Sturesson of the Swedish Zhafir and Haitian sales and marketing partner Plamako therefore also sees confirmation of a sustained trend with the specialist Holmgren, which for him is also quantifiable: “The development in the injection molding market entitles those in charge at Holmgren to turn to energy saving and fully electric drives: In the meantime the demand for these machines that operate without oil is going up particularly in the area of precision in view of the rising energy costs worldwide and the increasingly more stringent environmental and safety-at-work regulations. We are appropriately pleased that with the highly economical high tech “Zhafir Venus” machine we are now maintaining a qualitatively high end and exceptionally competitive product in our commercial portfolio.”


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