Ningbo Haitian Group Co., Ltd. of Ningbo, China, is aiming at increasing its share in the European injection moulding machine market from 10% to 15% by 2010. In order to attain this objective, the company will successively step up the number of representatives and expand the sales presence across Europe. Moreover, Ningbo Haitian Group’s Haitian Europe SPA subsidiary with headquarters in Cazzago San Martino (Brescia), Italy, intends to provide spare part deliveries to European customers within only 24 hours. The company is also responsible for streamlining the group’s European market presence and supporting the European marketing activities of individual representations.

For Ningbo Haitian Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of injection moulding machines in terms of unit volume, the requirements of European injection moulders set the benchmark for premium-quality injection moulding technology, but Europe is neither considered an important mass market for injection moulding machines nor rated as a growth market. Having sold 1,100 machines, the group already seized a share of 10% of the European market, which has an estimated volume of 10,000 units. The most important individual markets were Turkey with 650 sold machines, Russia and the former GUS members with a total of 140 machines sold as well as Poland with 120 machines sold. Last year, Haitian machines were installed in all European countries, even in those without active Haitian marketing structure.

Haitian machines sold in Europe are delivered to the corporate end consumer either directly from China or via Haitian Europe in Cazzago San Martino, Italy, where the group has capacities for customising injection moulding machines, i.e. machines ordered in Europe are shipped from China to Italy, where they are fitted with customer-specific equipment or automation technology.

Moreover, Haitian Europe is intended to operate a support centre for all European representatives. This includes organising spare part supplies and the installation of a technical centre for training both employees and customers as well as providing support for software applications. Haitian Europe will also be responsible for coordinating the group’s presentation on the European market and supporting marketing activities in the individual European markets.

In order to ensure an efficient structure and implementation of these new tasks, Ningbo Haitian Group has appointed a new management team for Haitian Europe: since May 1, 2006, Eric Taveau (51) has been responsible for all marketing activities conducted by Haitian Europe. Prior to his appointment, Taveau spent many years working for Demag Plastics Group, most recently he held the position of managing director of DPG subsidiary Demag Plastics Group Italia with headquarters in Tortona. Uwe Bär (42) was appointed CFO of Haitian Europe in January 2006, having worked in China for eight years. He left the position of CFO of the Chinese JV Demag Haitian Plastics Machinery Ltd. Co. to commence work in Italy.

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