Under this motto Haitian International is showcasing four live exhibits at the K-2013 trade show and continues to focus on suitable customer solutions at fair conditions.

The success of the customer has always been pivotal for Haitian International. We became a global market leader in injection molding technology as a result of our consistent customer orientation. Innovative strength and the willingness to adapt to changing needs were vital to this. We want to stay on this path – and move ahead: we will offer technologies that zero in to meet the needs of our customers.


Innovative thinking is thinking in customer solutions


We zoom in on meaningful solutions, which expand the potential of standardized processes, and optimize the cost-utilization ratio, with a perfect symbiosis of the greatest possible economic efficiency and the best possible performance. Sophisticated machines that can be customized for each client, that achieve low unit costs, and that quickly pay for themselves. Energy efficient concepts that fit with the available budget and advance our customers.



The exhibits at a glance:


Zhafir Mercury Series – complex geometries in the smallest of spaces: using an 8-cavity mold a ME 550/26/26 produces cable ties made from PA 12.


With the innovative Mercury side plates turn into tie-bars and by doing so achieve 70% more mold surface and a machine design that is around 30% slimmer. The symmetrical design keeps all of the forces at the center of the unit, ensures high plate parallelism, and the best tolerances.


Zhafir Venus II Series – high speed version “p”: a VE II 1900p with a 24-cavity mold produces coffee stirring sticks weighing 0.6 g from PS with a shot weight of 38g.  The cycle time is 2.9 seconds.


The Venus II Series is highly dynamic, cost-efficient, and more customer-oriented than ever before. The new injection unit has a more compact shape; fewer individual components provide for greater stability and dynamics in the injection process. The optional packaging version of the Venus II Series “p” from 1,500 to 3,800 kN offers injection speeds of up to 350 mm/s.


Haitian Mars II eco Series – exemplary in performance, quality, and price: A MA II 1200 eco produces a PP/transparent case weighing 135g in a 24 second cycle.


Economy is on the agenda: the innovative servo-hydraulic drive technology has been optimized yet again, increasing its efficiency and requiring even less energy.


Haitian Jupiter II Series – perfect for large molded parts: A JU II 5500/2950 (world premiere) produces an engine cover made from PA6-35 GF weighing 700 g with 2 cavities in a 43 second cycle.


The Jupiter II Series promises high value to the customer with regard to repeat accuracy, precision, and energy efficiency for the most diverse applications and materials. The large, moving adapter plate of the mold guarantees high platen rigidity during the movement as the load increases as a result of large molds. The innovative drive system (patented Mars Technology) with a direct connection between the servo-motor and the geared pump provides for precisely regulated rotational speed and extremely fast response times throughout the entire cycle.



Haitian International Company Profile


Since 2010, Haitian International has been a world market leader in injection molding technology in terms of units sold. The company was founded in 1966 in Ningbo, China, by Zhang Jinzhang, and in the course of 40 years has grown to be a listed company (Shares Code 1882), successful worldwide. The consolidated turnover in 2012 amounted to around 6.3 billion RMB (about 785 million EUR). The group spans the globe with a network of production plants, sales branches, and service partners in co-operation with plastics processors from the most varied of branches of industry in all types of markets including those characterised by dynamic growth. Currently, the Haitian Group of companies serves around 30,000 customers in more than 130 countries.