The Chinaplas 2015 which lasted for four days from May 19 until 23, 2015 has attracted more than 120,000 visitors in total, despite bad weather in Guangzhou.

Of the total visitors’ number, more than 35,000 of them were from overseas, which accounts for 27.36% of the total. It marks a second highest attendance in the show’s history.

This year, there were a total of 3,282 exhibitors coming from more than 40 countries and regions, occupying 240,000sqm of space in Guangzhou, which represented a growth of 4% in scale as compared to Chinaplas 2014 in Shanghai.

At booth 4.1J01 on Chinaplas 2015, Haitian International, the largest injection molding machine manufacturer in the world in terms of units, demonstrated once again its principles: to deliver “Technology to the Point” with efficient standard machines that do an excellent job of fulfilling the core functions of modern injection molding technology.

Haitian International showcased four exhibits from Haitian Plastics Machinery and Zhafir Plastics Machinery, which covered most of the hottest application areas including automotive, medical, IML and etc. Zhafir showed for the first time the currently largest available Venus with 6500 kN and might be the largest all-electrical machine on entire Chinaplas. A VE6500II/3350 runs an automotive interior part with 288 g part weight in 2 cavities made by PP+EDPM-T20. This machine has been quickly sold to an interested customer during the exhibition. Another exhibit from Zhafir Plastics Machinery on Chinaplas 2015 was a ZE900/210, which produced a medical part made by PC. Zeres Series is a tremendously flexible molding machine based on electric technology and equipped with integrated energy efficient hydraulic unit.

Haitian Plastics Machinery showed its latest efforts in space and energy saving two-platen Jupiter II series. A lot of small mechanical details are improved like touchless tie bars or an optimized hydraulic system. At Chinaplas a JU6500II/4500 showcased ran a motor cover application, made by PA66+30%GF. Another eye-catching exhibit from Haitian Plastics Machinery is the “h” version of the bestseller Mars Series – already installed more than 120.000 units so far – was one part of a complete production cell, which produces a 4-cavity standard cup with 0.5 mm thickness, made by PP and a cycle time around 5 sec with a downstream process of IML and final packaging station. Mr. Zhu Yuanjie, Leader of Marketing Department explains: “This exhibit is a good example for our product strategy: use technology to the point for the injection molding process and add the necessary automation according to the customer requirements.”

On the second day of Chinaplas 2015, Haitian International held a press talk on its booth, which was warmly attended by more than 10 media from both China and overseas. Prof. Helmar Franz, the Executive Director and Chief Strategy Officer of Haitian International introduced about the business performance of Haitian International in 2014, the ongoing development and trends of the global market. He anticipated that fully electric principles will be the trend for smaller machines and two platen technologies for the bigger ones. He also commented that standard machines with increased flexibility already can cover most of the applications.

In light of the tough and uncertain market environment in China and overseas, Prof. Franz told the media that the company will continue to invest for further improvement in the process of manufacturing based on modularity. “We will evaluate and introduce new developments to secure the success for a hardware manufacturer in a possibly changed future business environment in China and even more in overseas market”, he commented.