Haitian International at Chinaplas 2010, Booth No.: 4.1J21

Based on the customer benefits, innovation with sustainability is always on the top of the company’s management agenda. In Chinaplas 2011, Haitian Plastics Machinery will show the Pallas series (The updated version from Mars) with the MCF technology. Tianjian Plastics Machinery will show the Pluto with “j” technology which updated from the Variable pump. The premium Brand Zhafir Plastics Machinery will show two machines—- the Venus Series and the Mercury Series which has opened new horizons for the all electrical technology.

Tianjian responds to market developments in simple parts manufacturing —–

Pluto Series now with the “energy saving” technology

Due to the market requirements, Tianjian modified its machine range with the energy saving drive concept based on the suc­cessful “Mars Series”. Equipped with a servomotor, the compactly packed “PL/j” combines cost advantage and energy saving aspects. Compared to hydraulic machines with a fixed pump, the Pluto achieves about 30%-80% energy reduction (depend on the products). A new generation of injection oil channel provides a compact structure, easy assembling, and more sta­bility.

Mr.Liang, General Manager of Foshan Shunhong Accurate plastic Co., Ltd and Wuhu Hongji Plastic Products Co., Ltd comments: “We have more than 60 Pluto machines. The price is very good and the performance can satisfy all the requirements of our plastics parts. It is a real share advantage cooperation between Haitian and us. After testing, we found the energy saving ratio of the PL/j can reach 40% compared with the old Pluto series. I will sign a contract with Tianjian for purchasing 20 more PL/j this time.” Mr. Liang’s company is the supplier to the “Media Group”. The products are including the plastics parts of the soybean milk machine, electric kettle. The turnover of his company is over 60 million rmb. In 2011, they will open new factories in Wuhu and Guangdong in this year.

In Chinaplas 2011, Tianjian will show a PL1200 with servo system, the application is house hold appliance.

The new Haitian Pallas Series ––

An advancement of the best-seller with MCF technology

Building on the success of the “Mars Series” the Haitian Pallas Series demonstrates the high innovation speed of Haitian Plastics Machinery. The concept of the Pallas Series is clear and simple: Take the excellent energetic properties of the “Mars” and combine them with more speed and precision. Equipped with a faster injection unit and an opti­mized toggle system, the range will be available from 600 to 10,000 kN. The “Green Vantage” of this range is, that the water consumption is zero and the ener­gy saving is up to 70% compared with a conventionally hydraulic machine.

Haitian is presenting a Pallas 2500 equipped with the Micro Cellular Foaming ( MCF ) technology. The MCF technology is licensed by Trexel, Inc. and based on the invention of the MIT, USA. Trexel and Haitian International signed a cooperation agreement for the joint development of the MCF technology. The Haitian Group is offering the completely integrated MCF molding systems in China, Thailand, Viet Nam, India, Brazil, and South Africa. The MCF is based on the controlled use of gas during the injection molding cycle to create many micron-sized closed voids inside the plastic part. While best maintain­ing the original mechanical properties, it improves the product quality while reduces the manufacturing cost.

The advantages of the MCF technology at a glance: 

• High dimensional stability

• Improved part warpage, straightness and roundness

• Optimized product design to significantly reduce weight (>20%)

• Reduced stress in the parts

• 15-40% cycle time reduction

• 6-12% part weight reduction

• 30-80% reduced clamping force

Note: The MCF technology can be used in all ranges of Haitian machines not only in Pallas series.

Venus goes successful —- 

The standard all electrical machines with an affordable price

More than 800 machines have been sold so far thanks to the continually increas­ing market penetration and the consistently positive feedback. In 2010, the sales was rising up by more than 300%. Due to the reliable and well tested technology and the outstanding performance results, the all-electric Ve­nus machine is the best-seller of the Zhafir Group.

Mr. Hu, the General Manager of Sundairy Industrial Co. Ltd. was convinced: “All electrical machines are the future for high tech applications. The technique is from German gives us big confidence to purchase the equipments.” Sundairy Industrial Co. Ltd is one of famous electrical household appliance manufacturers in OEM field in China. They will purchase a lot of new machines after the new 8 workshop buildings complete the construction. Zhafir is one of the top suppliers on their list.

At Chinaplas, Zhafir is presenting the Venus packaging solution with a 48 cavity packaging mold.

Mercury opens horizons —- 

for sustainability developing in the future

The Zhafir Mercury Series is the result of German-Chinese team work: developed by

German engineers with the support of the experienced manufacturing experts from Zhafir Ningbo. The Mercury represents a new generation of all-electric injection machines. Tie bars becomes side platen and provide for a 70% larger mold area. A sim­plified toggle system gains more precision and the separation of plastification in­jection provides for an extraordinarily high melt quality and high injection speed with extreme acceleration.

Prof. Franz, the CEO of Zhafir group comments, “There are several so called new plastics materials, like PEEK and PPS available, having outstanding properties like i.e. heat resistance, however it is too difficult to process it on traditional machines, which combine injec­tion and plasticizing in one screw and bar­rel module – two processes, which have not much in common at all. To solve this problem would open huge new opportuni­ties for the substitution of steel, metals, glass and other materials to make lots of parts – without coating, over mold­ing and combination of different materials, which makes it necessary to involve com­plex automation and process technology. And this is the field of our new Zhafir Mercury Se­ries.”

At Chinaplas, Zhafir will present the Mercury with a connector application made of a glass-fibre reinforced material LC

Tianjian Pluto Series
E:\work\图片资料\tianjian\Pluto\tianjian-860 .jpg
In Chinaplas 2011, Tianjian will show a PL1200 with servo system.

• Machine: PL1200/370J

• Plastics Part: house hold

• Material: ABS

• Cycle time: 30S

• Energy consumption: 6 kW/h


Haitian Pallas Series
E:\work\图片资料\Haitian Plastic\Pallas\PA2500.jpg
In Chinaplas 2011, Haitian will show PA250 with MCF technology.

Machine: PA2500/mcf

Plastics Part: box with MCF tech­nology

Material: PP+20%TALC

Cycle time:60S

Energy consumption: 9.5kW/h




Note: The MCF technology can be used in the all ranges of Haitian machines not only in Pallas series. 


Zhafir Venus Series


At Chinaplas Zhafir is presenting the Venus packaging solution with a 48 cavity packaging mold.

• Machine: VE 3000/p

• Plastics Part: closures, 48 cavities

• Shot weight: 1g

• Material: HDPE

• Cycle time: 3.8s

• Energy consumption: 10kw/h

Zhafir Mercury Series
At Chinaplas Zhafir will present the Mercury with a connector application made of a glass-fibre reinforced material LCP.


• Machine: ME 550/30-30

• Plastics Part: connector with 8 cavities

• Shot weight: 0.46g

• Material: LCP

• Cycle time: 10.5S

• Energy consumption: 3kw/h



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