Haitian’s Open House and New Product Release in Guangzhou Factory

As one of the most important domestic markets for injection molding machines, Guangdong has attracted numerous well-known injection molding machine manufacturers and medium-and-high end customers. In order to enhance its communication and cooperation with customers, Haitian hosted an in-house exhibition and new product release at its factory in Guangdong.

This open house has covered two exhibition areas including Haitian’s subsidiary in Guangzhou and its Guangzhou factory, which attracted more than 260 guests from over 150 customers. The new product release is mainly targeting the specific needs at Guangdong region, and Zhafir Venus super high speed full electric machine is therefore presented. The “live” VE/hs machine produces a 0.5mm thickness IPHONE 5 covers in one cavity at high speed of 500mm/s; the highly precise mold movement, short cycle time, highly efficiency and energy saving is also well demonstrated. Mars high speed edition and MA/G, as ideal representatives of machines under Haitian brand, are also exhibited and produce 850ml fast food container and cellphone cover with thickness of 0.8mm respectively. These two Mars machines are developed to address specific customer needs and target different market segments by sharing various advantages of Haitian brands.

From on-site display of various exhibits to 3-4 professional and technical seminars arranged every day and tour at the production halls at Haitian’s factory in Guangzhou, the visitors have showed great interests in holding dialogs with the sales and technical personnel on site, which enables them to get into a more in-depth understanding about the strength of Haitian International and its product portfolio. Carl Zeiss (China) is a professional company engaged in optical products production and it has bought Haitian’s machine to replace its original imported machines as early as 2001. Mr. Qin, the purchase director from Carl Zeiss China said that “Haitian injection molding machines are very innovative, plus the quality is guaranteed and stable. Their products are always developed from the customers’ perspective, which can really solve the problems occurred during our production. Their service is also satisfying. All these reasons make us a loyal customer of Haitian.”

The organization of this open house, the onsite management and flow control at the factory is impressive to every visitor, which lead to placement of a good number of orders and substantial enquiries. The two-day event is completed with great success. It’s believed that such kind of open house and new product release will continue to be hold in Guangdong area.