The 28th International Exhibition for Plastics and Rubber Industries (Chinaplas 2014) has been successfully completed on April 26 in Shanghai.

As Asia’s largest plastics and rubber fair and a traditional gathering platform for China’s plastics processing industry and plastics machinery industry, this fair has attracted more than 130,000 visitors in four days, setting a new record. Being increasingly international, the number of overseas visitors soars by 19.72% as compared to 2012 and accounts for 28.26% of the total visitor (26.97% in 2013). Being one of the largest injection molding manufacturers, Haitian International Holding Limited has made an impressive show in this Chinaplas at the booth E2J01.

By making use of this Chinaplas as an ideal platform, Haitian International has further enhanced its new vision of “leadership has many dimensions—communication, innovation and efficiency”. Two major brands under Haitian International, namely Haitian Plastics Machinery and Zhafir Plastics Machinery, jointly introduced four machines, which are excellent representatives for “to the point” technology that is deeply imbedded in Haitian’s product development concept. It shows Haitian International’s unremitting efforts in studying the application market and further extending possibilities for standard machines by taking care of customer needs in a comprehensive way. In this four-day event, Haitian’s booth has always been one of the busiest places, attracting numerous customers and visitors.

Two machines introduced by Haitian Plastics Machinery are high performance editions of Haitian’s bestsellers—Mars and Jupiter series, which are tailored to address specific requirements of various applications such as standard parts for packaging, large and flat parts, thus meeting customer demands. As highlighted as “high performance” editions, these machines can help the customers to increase production efficiency and also allows the standard machines to tackle with more new challenges from the market. A MA2700II/h produced bottle ends during Chinaplas 2014. Equipped with the latest Mars servo drive technology, this machine ensures extra low energy consumption. Further advantages derive from a tailored injection unit for injection speeds of up to 180 mm/s and increased mold space area for molds with high cavities. In addition, a JU10000II/h two-platen machine produced a center console for automotive industry at the same site. With optimized clamping unit, its mold space is substantially enlarged and this machine has attracted a great number of both domestic and overseas customers.

Zhafir Plastics Machinery has also presented its new electric machines—Zeres for the first time. Zeres is a tremendously flexible machine based on electric technology and equipped with an integrated hydraulic unit, which is developed by Zhafir to address the specific needs of some plastics processor. This allow those customers who still operate a lot of molds with hydraulic core pulls to comfortably use these molds and benefit from the superior advantages from the electric machines such as high precision and easy maintenance etc. at the same time. Zeres fills in the gap left by the conventional full-electric machines and thus greatly extended the options for electric injection molding solutions. A ZE1900 on the booth showed the production of an automotive part made of PA6+30%GF, which also attracted lots of pass-by visitors to stop and look into it. Another machines showed by Zhafir Plastics Machinery was a Venus packaging machine, which is tailored for mass production of packaging parts. “I believe, innovation is key; however, technology should not target the highest and complex technical solution possible, but be right, to the point—exactly addressing the requirement of the plastics parts to be manufactured and also considering resources including those of qualified operator and maintenance personnel. This is one of the guidelines for Haitian’s development of new products and also the basis to power our development that made us successful,” says Professor h.c. Dipl.-Ing. Helmar Franz, Executive Director and Chief Strategy Officer of Haitian International Holding Ltd.

During the afternoon on April 24, Haitian International also held a press talk on its booth. Prof. Franz and Mr. Zhu Yuanjie, the manager of Marketing Department of Haitian International, introduced to the media the financial figures, the latest developments in R&D of the company as well as highlights of the exhibits in this Chinaplas.